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Ever wonder how our emotions can get the best of us sometimes? It depends a lot on how our brains are wired. Massage, in addition to feeling good and relaxing us, is also good during stressful times as it helps us regulate our emotions. How? Join us as we explore the intricate network within our minds, unraveling the mysteries of our emotional landscape. ✨ ‍♀️


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The Drama Queen Amygdala

This tiny almond-shaped structure in the temporal lobe of our brains loves to sound the alarm, sending us into a panic over the smallest things. It’s like having an overprotective friend who screams, “Danger, danger!” at the sight of a spider or a loud noise. While the amygdala is crucial in reacting to dangerous situations, when overstimulated it can lead to crazy amounts of stress.

The good news? Getting a massage helps soothe the amygdala and reduce stress levels. ‍♀️ The gentle pressure and touch help calm the nervous system, so you feel relaxed instead of on edge. ‍♂️ Regular massage is a healthy way to release unhealthy habits that hinder your happiness and increase your stress levels. Consider scheduling regular sessions to keep the amygdala from overreacting and help you feel calm and balanced. ‍♂️


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The Rationalizer Prefrontal Cortex

Another noteworthy region involved in emotional processing is the prefrontal cortex, our “rationalizer-in-chief” . Imagine it as the voice of reason desperately trying to bring some order and manage overthinking ️. However, when faced with chronic stress, the prefrontal cortex can become overwhelmed, resulting in challenges with emotional regulation. One effective approach to tackle chronic stress and address the emotions caused by an overwhelmed prefrontal cortex is by getting a massage. By soothing the body and calming the mind, massages can provide relief, allowing the prefrontal cortex to regain balance and better manage emotions.



Nostalgia Expert Hippocampus

The hippocampus plays a crucial role in regulating emotions by connecting memories with corresponding feelings. It forms strong neural connections between events and emotions, influencing our emotional responses to various stimuli. When these connections are activated, we may experience intense emotions such as nostalgia or sentimentality. Therapeutic massages can help manage these emotions by promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. Massage can provide a calming effect and aid in emotional regulation, helping to alleviate the intensity of strong emotions associated with hippocampus activation.


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Massage Therapy to the Rescue

Don’t let your overstimulated brain act irrationally! Book a massage and feel the relaxation inside and out. Book online or ☎️ call us at 305.321.8253 to reserve your spot.