With the current state of social media (lots of bikini models promoting detox teas), it may be hard to remember what true health and wellness is. We at Healing Hands have always believed in and advocated for a wellness model that is multifaceted. Of course health is about more than how you look and how much you weigh. However, health isn’t even just about your physical well-being. True wellness is about so much more than your physical body. 

Don’t believe us? Check out this awesome article by Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation for a comprehensive list of what goes into the term “health”. 

The short version: health has 8 dimensions. Those dimensions include the environmental, emotional, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual state of a person. 

People doing ZumbaThe concept is that all of those areas in your life being fulfilled would lead to true wellness. Meaning, a truly “well” person would be: 

  • coping effectively with emotions
  • part of a pleasant and stimulating environment
  • satisfied with their current and future financial status
  • actively expanding their knowledge and skills
  • deriving personal satisfaction from their job
  • maintaining their physical health
  • developing connections and relationships
  • having a sense of purpose and meaning in their life 

People MeditatingSo today, we’d like you to perform a mental audit. What areas of your wellness are you doing great in? What areas could use a little TLC? Let us know in the comments! 

The great thing about Healing Hands and our wellness model is that we strive to address as many areas of wellness as we can. Through our corporate wellness programs, we bring you a sense of social connection and emotional wellbeing, teach you new skills, create a positive work environment, and of course, address your physical health. 

Have we convinced you yet that wellness should be an integral part of your company’s culture? If you need more reasons to implement a wellness program at your organization, take a look at these three reasons that have been confirmed by research.